When I was first approached to host a beauty podcast, I thought that there was no way I can host a weekly podcast. Today, I’m over 60 episodes in and I am so happy that I took on the challenge! It’s truly one of the best parts of my week — talking with, listening to, sharing with, and learning from my guests!

Business of the Beat was named to align with my role in beauty and wellness on the business side and the feeling I get when I have a well-beat face. The two go hand in hand in my world.

I’m grateful for my podcast team and thrilled to be part of Mean Ole Lion Media, a Black-owned podcast network.

On the podcast, we focus on diverse founders and executives leading, shaping, and transforming the beauty industry. My goal is to highlight their experiences, share key learnings and provide a community of support. We want to hone in on the story of diverse founders leading the beauty and wellness industry.

I hope you’ll subscribe to Business of the Beat and share the stories of amazing beauty and wellness founders building, growing, and accelerating their businesses.

My recurring reminder from the May podcasts is the power of our uniqueness. That’s why I tell founders and intrapreneurs that even in a market that may feel saturated, there is always room to package, bottle, innovate and offer their unique interpretation. There is always room to tell their story and connect with consumers who will engage, identify and convert. Listen to the journeys, challenges, successes, and lessons of the industry shared in these podcasts below.

Stephanie Bell, Founder, Step Up & Glo’ and Partner, Franklin Wellness Partners (PIPCBD) shares how her “glow” was inspired by her mother, about her mantra around Movement Toward Improvement, and the experience she’s had over the last 15 years learning, creating and implementing effective and customized strategies that produce long-term growth.

“Being an entrepreneur on IG is different than being an entrepreneur in real life!”

Business partners and sisters, Saliah, Najiyyah, and Kareemah Mustafa share how the passing

of their beloved aunt inspired a dream and the activation of the luxury brand Sabreen Cosmetics. Sabreen Cosmetics is now a leader in the beauty industry that inspires women to live life on their own terms, unapologetically — all backed by a “gold standard” of passion and ethics.

“The problem that we are solving is being at the intersection of clean beauty products that actually work but are also elevated and not harming the planet.”

Natasha Edwards made an immediate leap from medical ophthalmology to haircare product founder. Creating Thick LeaveIn took her on a journey where she found gratitude, purpose, and her own way of honoring community–all with her successful one SKU brand.

“There was something within me brewing stating that what you’re doing is great, and you are working within the community, in a sense…but you need to serve the community on a deeper basis.”

Leah Freeman-Haskin calls Blk Oceans, her “Ode to Black Founders and Black Creators.” It really is just that! What started as a creative hustle became her passion business and a platform focused on quality products in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and kids. We talk about how these roles have served her as a founder, creating safe spaces, and amplifying black voices.

“I do think that inner work is so important…trying to remove that self-doubt or at least having the confidence in yourself to know that you can pursue what you’re passionate about and be successful.”


Which will be your go-to episode this weekend? My new podcast with Julie Napolitano, Founder of Puppington will air this Sunday!



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