Surviving in da city (series)

Soooo…..for me to travel into work involves several vehicles. El train, water, 2 more trains and a bus. In between it all I need that one first pee after I leave my house. Sometimes I just check my hair & makeup aaannnnd my outfit or just look in the mirror just because (c’mon I AM a woman) while I’m waiting for my major jaunt into work. One morning after purchasing some crappy coffee that I can barely afford, I run, of course, into the nearest ladies room. I had washed my (now) naturally curly hair that am. It was freezing out that morning and I can just tell without looking major shrinkage has happened without even consulting a mirror. One can feel the crunch happening. A woman just knows these things.

Ok, a tiny bit of background (no dramatics please)…about 8 months ago I had surgery to remove cancer from my body. I’m ok. But having had a ton (1/2) of hair fall out before getting my diagnosis I was afraid to do anything to my hair. Being a black woman that is really, really, really painful. I’m a woman, who, would without a second thought would dye my hair at home — including bleaching (will not do that again, at least not at home) Now that my hair is in a “natural” state. I was shocked to find out that hair was/is naturally curly with little manipulation (product…for you men out there)! I was a woman who for once didn’t/couldn’t choose what her next hairstyle was gonna be. But I have been blond, red, jet black and yes even blue! And, it was goood! I’ve had the weaves, wigs, braids…all that jazz in my hair throughout the years. So when I lost a ton of hair because of my illness I was really pleased when my hair grew back & thick & CURLY! Who knew! Thank you God for that bit of Irish in me. As a gorgeous sexy black woman I only thought my hair was kinky (like me), kinky and with more kink. So when I really looked at my hair I said oh shit, there are the most curiest curls on my head! Spiral city! Loving it! You could pull on one and it flings itself back into formation. Huh?! How did that happen? Big shock to me. So I’ve been rocking my natural hair for a little bit and there’s a lot of trial and error. I’m also and trying desperately to leave the creamy crack alone (straight hair creamy crack goo). But it is so tempting!

But I digress…It was a thursday morning before a long weekend and one that I could not wait for! I was desperately sick of my co-workers and in need a long holiday weekend complete with adult libations (note the plural), a day in bed with ma kitty sleeping on my head.

I’m cranky this morning because 1. because I’m pms’ing. Hormones running amok!!! 2 . I’m frustrated with the stupid shit I see and have to deal with on a daily consistent basis. 3. My co-workers, think I may have mentioned this already but deems repeating. 4. Yeah, I still feel like shit (but getting better each day!)

Since my hair is more of a wash and throw some product in we’re good at the moment. Before the setback I was in the salon a good three/four hours. Dealing with loud, very loud spanish women talking or yelling at each other. They would just stop what there’d be doing and start singing along to whatever music has hit them AND you’re then with the crack (perm relaxer) burning my scalp “like mamia!” “i sorry mommacita, come let’s get you to the sink and wash ” The people who would come in to sell us things they just ripped off from the store down the street every 10 minutes. But the pricing, you know, was always on point. I don’t condone stealing.

Ok, I disgress a lot…enjoy the ride because it can be fun. I thought I was ok that morning. Until it started drying a little bit. I could feel my little curls becoming dry & crispy looking. Not. A Great. Look. By the time I got to the water part of my commute, I ran into the bathroom with my crappy cup of coffee I can barely afford to see how bad the damage is and wondering with a frown if I could salvage it get through my very very very long day with crazy shrunken crazy frizzy looking hair. Whew…curly yes but shrunk to my head dry curly hair is not cute. I tried to poof it up without looking too crazy desperately trying to make my hair pretty that I know it can! The puffing up is not working, a little water is not working…oy vey it’s gonna be that kind of day.

While trying to wash off the excess product from my earlier over excertions this am (plus i always feel need to wash my hands or purell my hands and whatever body part that cannot touch soap and water at the moment. It’s an occupational thing) the sink I was using did not have the sensor working properly. Sensors turning on the water don’t always work. I was holding soapy slimy hands willing for the water to come in but not splash so much that folks think I tried to take a bath in a public bathroom. I have a love/hate relationship with those sensor machines for water. It’s a fight or a flight match. I have no energy for neither.

So….I’m all soaped up with no rinsing option.

This young chickie standing next to me is actively trying to take the best selfie. Yes, in a bathroom…public bathroom. Do I need to even make a joke here? No? You got it…good. I said excuse me at least 4–5 times. Bitch didn’t hear me why? Because this self aborosbed you know the type, excuse me….this young lady has ear plugs in with music blasting and is taking a selfie series. I abandoned my crappy expensive coffee and moved around her to the next sink to wash my hands. Yes, I was pissed. This young lady actually had the nerve to snatch one of her earphones out and speak to me in a really aggressive manor. “EXCUSE ME? EXCUSE ME? EXCUSE ME?

All I’m thinking is please God, Peace Be still You know I can’t do prison. I look great in bright colors due to my heritage. I just can’t due the taking orders & confinement thing. I really wanted to smack this obnoxious young girl that should’ve been done years ago by her parents,who is now being a raging bitch. But I manage actually speak to her, then ignore her. “Perhaps if you had your earphones on a lower volume setting we woulnd’t have these issues.” She flounced her hair and walked away.

I didn’t know this but the bathroom attendant was there watching the whole thing go down. She said to me “I dunno what’s wrong with kids these days! You gotta respect old people”. My mouth fell open because I most certainly don’t think of myself as old. At all!!! My body may have a different opinion but ok whatever. I spoke to the attendant “These kids can be so ignorant!” But in my head I’m so hurt & shocked. OLD? Really? I’m trying to tell myself…embrace the wisdom….EMBRACE THE….OH HELL NO! I wanted to say to the attendant, you probaly have I dunno a good 5-7 years on me! You had to go there. *sigh*

Now I have to leave with my head down. She had my back & I can’t in go off on her. *sigh* I’m now exhausted with this trauma that I just suffered. And I haven’t even gone to work yet!

When the fuck did I get OLD, an elder? Seriously? I’m hot, I got it going on, ok ? My body looks great considering what its gone through. My sexy never, ever, left even after orthopedic surgery a few years ago. I don’t feel the need for Botox (only because I don’t have the extra money for it.) The construction guys are STILL whistling at me. Yeeessss hunty!

But when this attendant gently oh so gently reminded me of my true age that real people see, I said to myself…

Well damn, ain’t that the truth and boy does it hurt! Stung even the next day! And….the next…