Yas Kawayyyn!
Mark Palgy

Oh give me a goddamned break. You give people far, far too little credit for their own jackassery if you think that reading a satirical article like this is making them go out and vote for Trump. They’re voting for Trump because of their indignation at being called out for being ignorant. They’re voting for Trump because of their own deep-seated flaws and backwards thinking, not because someone is pointing out those flaws.

I keep seeing this attitude everywhere: you’re making me vote for Trump! You’re making me act like an asshole! You’re making me want to be a bigot! In this attitude is a tacit acknowledgement that their vote and their support for such a buffoon is fundamentally wrong, but they don’t want to own up to the fact that they find him appealing on a very base, depraved, reality-TV level.

These are the same people who, only a few years ago, laughably tried to act as though they represent the party of “personal responsibility.” The same people who walk around nowadays calling other people “snowflakes.” Who decry identity politics by glomming onto their own perceived identity as a sort of, “Oh yeah, well I’ll show you!” They see themselves and their communities wracked with poverty, crime, drug abuse, with no conceivable skill set to dig them out of the hole. Rather than facing the hard truth that they’ve become the moochers, they cling to the notion that they’re really still the “backbone” of the country, and it would all go to hell in a handbasket if it weren’t for their backwoods ideology and sense of entitlement to the American dream and American prosperity. In the meanwhile, people with STEM skills and interpersonal skills are the true backbone of the country — often those people on the coasts that the midwesterners love to take verbal dumps all over, especially vicariously through right wing news sources that bemoan the “liberal elite,” despite that that “elite” is keeping the economy afloat and moving — and so these Trump voters lash out like petulant children by blaming everyone but themselves for their predicament.

Trump voters are walking piles of perverse irony, much like the man himself. A grown up “me me me” crowd that loves to lament the “me me me” generations, without a shred of self examination. Quit blaming others for the phenomenon.

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