Kendra, your post was abusively inaccurate, bigoted, hateful, and incredibly regressive.

You know what’s inaccurate and abusive? Your suggestion that the people working the above-mentioned jobs were necessarily Trump voters (or even largely so), or that a significant portion of Trump voters weren’t wealthy. The average salary of a Trump voter was $72k. You should have wound down the streets of Windermere here in Florida — a very wealthy enclave where, for example, Tiger Woods lives.

Nothing but Trump signs. If you think a large portion of the “elite,” including “financial professionals” and the like were not Trump voters, then you are either unaware of the facts of this past election or are remaining deliberately ignorant of the makeup of his constituency.

I have worked for a mental health care company for five years, and I know what being poor, drug-addicted, and hopeless feels and looks like. Your mistake is to assume that these things are necessarily commensurate with voting for Trump.

I said nothing of “admiring the elite.” I made a very plain statement of fact as to the direction of our world and our economy. Technology is supplanting virtually every job that it possibly can in the next couple of decades, and people either catch up to it or get left behind. And you know the drivers of these changes? Maybe you should ask one of Trump’s six Goldman Sachs appointees for an answer to that.

Once again: give me a break.

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