HBO’s Full 2018 Lineup

Following the enthusiastic response to our sneak peak at Confederate, we at HBO are thrilled to unveil the rest of our 2018 shows in development:

Small Pox Blankets

In a world without the small pox vaccine, this whimsical fantasy series follows one present day missionary family’s journey from Texas to Uruguay to the coast of Gabon, bringing with them only a few meager personal possessions, the Word of God, and some very special gifts for the local population.

Anne Frank’s Final Chapter

Ever wonder what happened to Anne Frank after the last page of her diary? This heartwarming six part mini-series follows Anne’s capture, separation from her family, and the inspiring conclusion of her short life in Bergen-Belsen.

The Great American Send-Off

In this reality show, 25 handsome undocumented cast members compete in manual labor activities during varying degrees of heat and increasingly poor working conditions, vying to best each other in productivity. The winner, if still alive, is deported last.

Hysteria Hospital

In an imagined contemporary world where Hysteria is a mental illness found in the DSM5, this ensemble drama follows the lives of a group of female patients at a psychiatric hospital in Indiana. Think ‘Girls’ meets ‘Shutter Island.’ Is their friendship stronger than shock treatments?

We know that when you see these, you’ll be as excited as we are.

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