In recent years, the term “disruption” has been ubiquitous both in and out of business contexts. You’d be forgiven for dismissing the term as the Silicon Valley jargon equivalent of “innovation”. Despite the increased use of “disruption” and “innovation” interchangeably, these terms have different meanings and consequences for your business. I break down what the difference is between innovation and disruption, and why you need both to future-proof your business.

Innovation: better, faster, cheaper

Innovations are incremental changes that address existing needs. Innovation relies on sustained technological improvements to make existing products and services better, faster, and cheaper for the existing consumer. The banking…

Automated health-checks may help stem future pandemics
Automated health-checks may help stem future pandemics

Now, more than ever, small businesses are having a tough time. As COVID-19 spreads across the world, small business owners are feeling the crunch. The economy is slowing down, and in many cities, people can’t leave their houses. In cities that aren’t on lockdown, the economy is slowing anyway — no-one wants to risk infecting others.

The first confirmed case occurred in the United States occurred on Jan. 21 and already, businesses are being severely affected. After interviewing 1,500 small business owners, Goldman Sachs found that only 49% think will operate beyond three months. …

Programmatic strategy, programmatic marketing, programmatic advertising… These phrases might all sound like the latest marketing buzzwords that will soon be forgotten, but like AdWords and SEO — programmatic strategy is one digital disrupter that’s here to stay. In fact, the Internet Advertising Bureau UK estimates that by 2018, 80% of all digital ad spend in the UK will be programmatic. With so many potential competitors using this automated bidding system to target consumers, including a programmatic strategy in your marketing mix has become essential. But what exactly is programmatic strategy?

What is programmatic strategy?

Programmatic strategy automates the buying and selling of digital ad…

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