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Rachel True from ‘The Craft’ opens up about her new tarot book and racism in the biz

Screenshot of Rachel True from “The Craft.” She is wearing black and many necklaces.
Rachel True in a scene from the film “The Craft.” Photo: Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

When Rachel True auditioned to play Rochelle in 1996 cult classic The Craft, the role was written for a White teenager. True expressed interest in the part, and her agent refused to pursue it because she’s Black and was in her late twenties at the time (despite appearing much younger)…

The City of Tulsa continues to plunder the historic district and displace its Black community

A close-up photo of Oklahoma on a map of the United States.
Photo: KeithBinns/Getty Images

WWhen most people hear about Tulsa, Oklahoma, they think of Black Wall Street and the 1921 Tulsa Massacre. The massacre’s forthcoming 2021 centennial and its depiction in the HBO series Watchmen has renewed interest in the Greenwood District, prompting visits from tourists who are eager to witness the historic Black…

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