You are 100% correct, but I don’t know that the failing is my article.
Gillian Branstetter

I’ve been following your blog on the Alt-Right and the many negative comments to it and trying to understand this reaction.

It seems to me that what you tapped into here is the idea that many supporters of this alt right do not really see themselves or want to see themselves as racist or bigoted. Actually, in fact, most are probably not and therefore you have challenged many folks sense of who they are and how they were raised.

What’s happened here is that Brietbart and others on the far right fringe, have been working actively to change the perception of what it means to be racists. They are trying to recruit folks who feel left behind or resentful at being potentially marginalized.

These folks may not really be racists but they are inherently looking for someone to blame for their frustrations and the alt right media is giving the the excuses they are looking for, but dressing it up in anti PC rhetoric. This is designed to camouflage the real message which is to say that it’s now okay to blame feminists, or blame blacks or to blame social justice warriors for ones own insecurities.

I suppose that there is only really a core group of leaders in this movement who know what they are doing. But I’m afraid that the majority of folks who side with them are being used and hijacked into supporting a newly reconstructed firm of racism for the 21st century.

I’m not sure if these posts are going to change anyone’s minds, but I do hope the dialogue begins to make people face what exactly it is they are supporting.

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