Money Saving Tips For Moving Without Enlisting Your Friends


Moving is usually expensive, exhausting and stressful. The average move in-state costs $1,170. A move to another state runs $5,630. There are tips to help you save money without having to enlist your friends.

The Piggyback Service

This service charges a flat rate to allow a mover to use another mover’s empty truck. You simply take a picture of what you want moved and upload it to the piggyback service of your choice. You let them know when you are moving and where your things are going. The exact cost for insured and licensed movers is calculated with an algorithm. You do not book until you review your rate. This service should save you roughly 33 percent over renting an entire truck.

The Winter Move

Moving during the winter is a lot cheaper. The sidewalks may be icy and the weather inclement but the rates are cheaper. Since this is the slow season it is possible to negotiate the price even lower. It is also cheaper if you avoid moving at the very end of the month.

The Guesstimates

An estimate from a moving company is not the same as a final bill. The price of a local move should be guaranteed to prevent exceeding your budget. There should be a cap on the maximum amount you can be charged. Most flat prices and hourly estimates are too cheap and should be avoided. Many movers will lowball your price. It is important to remember tipping is not required.

The Lighter Load

Get rid of anything you don’t really need before you move. You can make a charitable donation and receive a tax deduction. The lighter your load the less you will pay for movers. One of the biggest mistakes made by home buyers is not going through their things prior to the move. You do not want to pay to move something you will throw away while unpacking. The cost of each box for a local move is three to five dollars. If you throw away six boxes of old clothing you will save roughly fifty dollars.

Free Boxes

You do not want to pay for shipping supplies when you can find boxes for free. New boxes can cost two dollars each and a used box is just fifteen cents. You can also rent plastic boxes with lids at half the cost of purchasing standard cardboard boxes. This eliminates the hassle of taping. These boxes can be dropped off and picked up for free.

The Toolbox

You can take apart your wall units, tables and beds then put them back together later. This means you will require less services from your mover and save money. This will lower the time required for your move. Your savings should be between ten and fifteen percent.

Keeping your receipts will enable you to claim your tax expenses. You have a year from the time you begin your new job to include your move on your tax return. Your new job does need to be a minimum of fifty miles from your original location. It makes no difference if you did not have the job prior to your move. Your eligible expenses include storage and moving costs, packing expenses and the insurance and transportation for your property. You can write off a good portion of your expenses on your tax return.