man’s life and survival is solely dependent on this natural life support. many would say ‘i cant live without water but i can for sometime without food’ it has been the fuel of life and one that is in natural form. I have had experiences of sicknesses cured by drinking enough water. This liquid’s value, however can never be underestimated. Although the scientists is of the believe that water is a composition made up of two components: hydrogen and oxygen, the naturalist say “we came, we met it” .

‘It is evidently clear that water is one of the prime elements responsible for life on earth”.

there is no doubt however that life major support is water.

The Ancient ways of gulp

The first generation of humans never knew water In packaged forms. The palm was used to carry water from streams and then a gulp or gulps. For preservation purpose, clay pots were used. Water was seen as a form of purification, used to perform traditional rites and was seen as a source of life to them. It was clean and they had no fear drinking it. Water was free as it was seen as God’s gift.

Recent times

Industrial works, drilling and oil mining has resulted in pollution of streams and other sources of water. In attempt to purify polluted water, it became commercialized.

‘That which was seen as free, now has to be paid for’.

The onset of sales of life’s major Support in sachet can be traced to the time when a dentist from Brattleboro vermont in 1994 volunteered to visit a village named salvadoran to offer medical services. his motives were to provide clean affordable water to this village. he set up sachet water as a 50cl organization. it soon became a source of income for Africans, as they saw investing in it as very profitable one.

Nigeria and the sachet

sachet water also known as pure water in Nigeria is one taken by a great population of the country. as a result of the profit in sales of water, so much companies has been set up. the following are some of sachet water producing companies in Nigeria.

  • De rose waters
  • Joesam waters
  • Coscharis waters
  • Life waters
  • Unilag waters
  • Aqua waters
  • Ugaland Waters
  • Thank God Waters
  • FCE waters
  • laurel waters

Most Nigerians are of the view that sachet water is not hygienic and would rather go for table water. some medical practitioners after research, came up with a conclusion that exposure of sachet water under sun, and keeping it on the floor for so long could cause cancer as these conditions give way for cancerous organisms to grow in it. However, an average Nigerian would go for it as it is very affordable and more in quantity.

“why would i go for a bottle of water for 50naira, when i could get half a bag for 75naira(10 sachets)”. that is a Nigerian saying.

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