Ideas for Promoting a Small Website

Optimizing a small website can be a tricky task, given that you have small budget to carry out this task. It mainly involves managing limited resources in order to get on the top. It’s pretty much possible but it requires the marketing team to work using a target oriented smart approach.

Supplementing the SEO efforts mainly requires working on content strategy, social media marketing and link building.

Content strategy

A robust content strategy will help you to target the audience and search engines simultaneously. Talking about a realistic approach regarding developing the content, you will need to make appropriate use of well-written articles, infographics, e-books and videos. However, you need to keep it mind that you cannot serve everyone in every aspect. So, work on the areas you are pretty good at.

Another way to make a head start is to analyze the competitors. If you are able to know what your competitors are doing in terms of developing content, you can find right areas where you can promote your content. It can be done with the help of right tools such as SimilarWeb, Ahrefs and Majestic SEO. In SimilarWeb and Ahrefs are free to use. Although, these free tools may have less features as compared to the premium ones, these are still good to give better results.

Another very important aspect you will need to work on in order to make a better content strategy is to know about the preferences of audience regarding the type of content they want to see. First, you will need to find out about your abilities to offer something valuable to the target audience. For this purpose, you will have to do some research regarding what your target audience searches on the web.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing doesn’t influence the search engine rankings in a direct manner. This approach basically involves sharing of content which you would publish on your highly optimized website. Once you will have a loyal following on the social media, you will not only be able to get dedicated internet traffic on the social media posts but there will also be the better conversion rate, which is the very purpose of bringing a business on the web. Nevertheless, it is a long way to go. Here is what you can do to achieve your social media goals.

1. Proper analysis of social media audience.

2. Building trust and authority with the help of effective content development for social media posts.

3. Finding right social media platforms which would help your business better than any other platform.

4. Don’t forget the power of small social media platforms.

Link building

Link building is very important component of off-page SEO strategy. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of on-page optimization, but if you want to complete your efforts to launch a better promotion campaign, you will need to build links. To build high quality links, the obsolete way of building unnatural links should be strictly avoided. On the other hand, you can use guest blogging platforms and relevant highly moderated forums to build high quality links.