Looking at a sample budget from class, here’s a few things I can suggest to cut out from the budget. First off, I noticed that Madison is a relatively small town compared to all the other cities you’re touring in. I’m sure we can cut that out, which will get rid of $2,000 from our budget. The next thing to address would be the van rental. I suggest using a van or vehicle you, someone in your band, and or your parents would own instead of renting. It would cut costs by another $2,000 roughly. The last thing to take care of is housing/hospitality. You can’t always be in a luxurious place. Time to take some sacrifices and couch surf with some of your fans, friends, and family. As long as you mind your manners, you should be just fine. This should also trim off near another $2,000. It would take care of your issues of going over budget for you.

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