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It’s so amazing how deep you have to dive to cross-reference stuff to really try and assemble a truthful opinion.” — Tom Papa, JRE #1549


When I last posted on this blog, Brexit was the most important issue of the day, as well as the general election, both of which seem like such distant memories. Brexit may still be ongoing behind the scenes, but the days of its incessant media coverage were like a sitcom compared to the coverage of coronavirus.

Our initial lockdown back in March felt like it happened so quickly that it was like a revolution…

Today’s election and its preceding campaign may have been seen as a welcome break from the ongoing ordeal of Brexit and the incessant coverage of it. It’s understandable; I’ve long since grown tired of Brexit myself, despite my reasons for voting for it stay as important to me as they always have done. But surely there are few among us who can have maintained an interest in all of the details of its developments unless we’ve been paid to.

However, this election campaign has felt like an attempt by some parties and voters to paint it as somehow separate from…

I’ve identified as a socialist for a long time, but never as a revolutionary. Even during the brief time I spent as a member of a self-described “revolutionary socialist party”, I was never compelled to adopt the descriptor of ‘revolutionary’ to my own beliefs (admittedly, my joining that party was during the very infancy of my active involvement with politics, and was predicated far more upon a longing for a sense of community rather than any sincere commitment to The Party).

For one, the very concept of revolution in modern discourse is so vague as to be almost impossible to…

An international furore of sorts erupted recently within the left. Angela Nagle — an Irish leftist and author of ‘Kill All Normies’ — dared to write a critique of the idea of an open-border immigration policy. Response articles came aplenty, ranging from the emotionally unhinged guilt trip to the excommunicative hit piece. The latter — an article from SocialistWorker.org, the organ of the International Socialist Organisation — was keen from the get-go to disparage Nagle as a “liberal”, despite conceding by the second paragraph that Nagle does indeed “[decry] some of the crimes of capitalism”. …

Sam Harris’s latest conversation with Yuval Noah Harari is one of my favourite episodes of the Waking Up podcast so far (episode #138). Harari, an accomplished professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, conveys some brilliant insights, as well as articulating concerns I’ve held personally for a while regarding the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Before I get into the subject of UBI in particular (which will be the focus of this piece), I’d like to address the point Harari makes more than once in this podcast, which is that there are three crucial issues which should be international…

As far back as 1941, George Orwell — in his essay “The Lion and the Unicorn” — was describing Marxism as a “German theory interpreted by Russians and unsuccessfully transplanted to England”, as well as accusing Marxists of looking at the world through eighteenth-century lenses.

Quoting Orwell is largely a waste of time if you hope to engage a Marxist in debate. The more hardline Marxists dismiss him almost entirely as an anti-communist shill, and Orwell had notable grievances with the Communist Party of Great Britain. However, this is beside the point.

Orwell was right that Marxism was outdated by…

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