Mazahuas are an indigenous people of Mexico living near the city in a town named Cutzamala. Since the arrival of the Spanish these tribes have had to see their territory and resources steadily erode… Today these people are forced to share their rivers, streams and springs with one of the world’s most thirstiest cities! Today this area provides 30% of Mexico City’s water at the expense of destroying the land they live on. Land for farming is damaged, fish are scarce and the land is dry.

Water is a class issue in Mexico as well as one of gender and race. To fight back the “Zapatista Army of Mazahua Women In Defense of Water” was formed. It is an indigenous women’s movement, formed by Mazahua people in the struggle for their human right to water. The Cutzamala water system supplies nearly 3,000 gallons of water a second to Mexico City, yet the Mazahua villages have NO WATER lines. In response to the injustice, the army of Mazahua women arm themselves with farming tools and wooden rifles to stand up and demand for the water that was taken away from their community.

It is a constant battle, but these women continue to march miles into the city- to defend their land and what has been taken from them. As the wealthy enjoy days on the gulf course / pools — the Mazhauas cannot even have water to drink.

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