Teenage Dreams

Valentine’s Day (Pt. lll)

The rain became heavier as they drove down the highway, listening to music and making jokes. Allie had also known Charlie for many years, even longer than she knew Rafael. Charlie was older, maybe 24, but Allie was never sure. He had always been like a big brother to her even if they barely spoke.

Rafael stopped the car abruptly, “Ya, llegamos. And good thing they have parking ‘cause we’d never find parking at this time y con eta lluvia.” Charlie stepped out first and pulled out an umbrella and opened it above her door. “Mira mi amor, so you don’t get your nice hair wet baby girl.” Good thing too, because she had completely forgotten the umbrella. She was sure her mom was telling her dad about the umbrella. “HA! Se Le olvido! I knew she would forget it” in her cute, accent-filled English and using that irritating, sarcastic tone. MOM, she thought. She was already annoyed.

Charlie put his long arm over her shoulders, “Ok, let’s go, let’s go! I’m starving man!”

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