Self-management Intensive Week 1
Pete Dignan

GreenWorld Investments sounds like a great company. I love the fact that there are 2 major benefits, firstly it sounds like a great investment with promising returns, secondly it benefits the environment and helps highlight major issues around deforestation.

I felt the company Purpose was clear and concise so I understood the purpose from the outset. I liked the layout of your table as it’s easy to read and understand. The only area I felt needed a bit more attention was the Responsibilities/Intentions and the Metrics, I understood every one of them and I could relate to each one, however I feel some may need more detail, more specific measurables, eg Role 18 could perhaps have a value of sales ($), Its ok to maintain relationships with online customers, but the ultimate goal of this role must be to win a sale, and the sales person will need to have some sort of target or growth rate within this document, otherwise the importance of the Sales Figure/Growth might get lost or deemed as not so important if the user has to go to another document to find the detail.

I hope you found these comments useful.

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