Roles, Conformity and the Process of Self Management
Guita Gopalan

I though you wrote a fantastic reflection on the 1st weeks activities.

The first thing that struck me with your Assignment was the Company Diagram on the 1st page, I think this is a great idea as it clearly differentiates the roles into groups. Having a diagram like this will make it a lot easier to communicate with team members.

The area I feel needs a bit more attention is the clarity of the Accountabilities and Metrics as I feel some are a bit too lose and nonspecific. I appreciate that you will want to keep these fairly lose so that individual team members interpret the roles in their own minds. I feel that if I was working in this company, I would need a bit more structure and direction. (but perhaps I’m thinking too traditionally??) I would like to see a few easy to measure specific figures or percentages which would allow me to know if I was on the correct side of the business objectives. I also know it’s difficult to pin these Accountabilities and Metrics down without a greater understanding of the specific roles.

I’ve struggled with this feedback as I liked your assignment but found it extremely difficult to direct you any more accurately.

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