How do we reform tech?
Anil Dash

re: Big Issue #2, i agree w camille! tech workers should organize! maybe into unions and/or also into a constituency that recognizes themselves as workers, immigrants, precarious, etc. in a way that helps build coalitions with other marginalized groups who are already leading progressive social movements (people who are black and/or trans and/or indigenous and/or undocumented and/or incarcerated, etc)

re: Big Issue #3, i haven’t given up on the idea of a boycott or strike, but i think we have to figure out how those tools map to a digital world. if the threat of a strike was once the threat of withholding labor and if lots of people now “labor” by clicking on ads and creating content for fb and twitter, what would it look like to withhold that labor now? how do we organize that? how do we measure impact? i actually think it’s crucially important to figure this out if we’re going to have any collective leverage to hold huge corporate social platforms accountable for anything

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