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See The Future, Not The Past

Let’s have positive thinking over negative thinking

“shallow focus photography of person holding camera lens” by Octavian Rosca on Unsplash

Everyone thinks that anyone who looks back on the past, regretting what he did, or thinking of “failing to do” as an experience.

It is important to reflect on it and use it for the future experience, but if you are too sorry for failing or overlooking the incident that happened to yourself unintentionally, your mind are very exhausted.

For example, worrying that similar failures and misfortunes will occur if you are too captivated by negative things, such as regretting mistakenly choosing career paths or unhappiness in yourself or your family,you become negative feelings hope that does not occur yourself again.

After all, no matter how much you feel sorry for what has happened, you can not change the facts.

Instead, thinking positively “What shall I do next” thinking of the future self from the situations put on now, thinking what actions should be taken to think about what you can do there. Thoughtful thinking is easy to be born.

Where do you live and what you are doing in 5 years? What are you enjoying with your family and friends? What new acquaintance is made and what are you doing with that person. If you were acquiring new skills, what would it be like?

Surely, at that time, a new work that should have been created. AI does not deprive us of human work. It is supposed to be able to do warm work with more humanity. It will surely be full of rewarding, enjoyable, very motivating.

In this way, it is important to see hope for the future.

Even though we think that accidents like the one that occurred in the past do not occur, such a misfortune has fallen down, we can not avoid such things happening again. If you do not go forward, you will not be ready to prepare for a moment.

Let’s be able to say that it is a period that you can accumulate something and finish it in a big way, not just taking 5 years old after 5 years.

Then you can make the future bright.

It is important that we are looking at the future that we can make from now rather than being trapped too much in the past.