What the Hell is Kava?!

Let me tell you. Yes, you. About a magical beverage from a tropical island known for being the happiest place on earth. A root producing a juice that relaxes your body and calms your mind with equal ease. It lowers inhibitions, enhances social interaction and takes the bottom out of a stressful day. It is traditionally drank from a coconut shell followed by a bite of a pineapple slice. This beautiful beverage is called kava.

What is kava? Kava is the answer to your prayers. You know who you are. You don’t want to drink (as much) anymore but you still want to be social. You want to clear your head and make decent decisions.

This is why you must continue to follow my stories and share your comments with me. Because we are both pursuing the design of a life that is about healing, well-being, love, joy, togetherness, devotion and…peace. We must all help one another choose peace along the way.

Take my friend, Creative Director @ Epic Records / Travis Scott’s A&R Sickamore for instance. He used to see me drinking kava out at the club while everyone was pouring bottles of overpriced liquor, joking on me for drinking the brown, earth liquid which is kava. A few years later Sick introduced me to Kavasutra — New York’s first ever kava bar. Months later Sick and I decided to have a conversation over kava to let people know about our recent experiences choosing peace, and kava as an alcohol alternative. The podcast went viral. We must have hit a cultural nerve. Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself: https://soundcloud.com/kavakenji/kavasations-session-1-sickamore-talks-magic-and-predicts-travis-scotts-number-1-album

Today I am proud to say Sickamore and I are both on our individual journeys to choose peace at every crossroads. He works in music and I work in sports but we both deal with the youth. This is as much about our generation as it is about the next generation.

Over the next 12 months I will be speaking and listening to the culture — and you are needed to help me choose the guests for each month. It’s easy. Just highlight the month and write a comment with a name / link.

September: Sickamore