4 Reasons to use KENKASHI as a Compost Accelerator

At the simplest level, composting requires making a heap of wet organic matter (also called green waste), such as leaves, grass, and food scraps, and waiting for the materials to break down into humus after a period of months.

However, composting also can take place as a multi-step, closely monitored process with measured inputs of water, air, and carbon- and nitrogen-rich materials. The decomposition process is aided by shredding the plant matter, adding water and ensuring proper aeration by regularly turning the mixture when open piles or “windrows” are used.

Once all of these steps have been taken and the correct ratios have been achieved, the introduction of the microbes can greatly accelerate decomposition. KENKASHI has been specially formulated to add carbon, microbes and fungi into the soil.

KENKASHI is made from the core of the stem of the kenaf plant which have been fermented with beneficial microbes and fortified with mycorrhyzal fungi. This unique formula has several advantages as an additive to any compost pile:

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