My experience at boot camp so far (Season 2) — Pt. 2

I expected this boot camp to be a little less challenging because I had attended the previous one just a month ago. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Day 3 of week one and the toll is setting in. The learning curve is a steep as ever even though the tasks are similar to the ones before. The deadlines make my heart race as I try to balance between boot camp and my job but on the bright side, my productivity seems to have increased because my brain tries to work faster to deliver all the required work. The fact that the boot camp is done in Python while I use C# at work does not help things but it improves my ability to think faster while solving a problem which, ironically, makes the situation a little better.

As usual, I’m still encountering new things that I didn’t know about while working on the boot camp tasks. While working on the HTTP and Web task, I came across a very helpful list of web APIs that might be useful to a developer working on the next viral app or just having fun making stuff. I was kind of spoilt for choice on which API to consume because I had many ideas but in the end I settled for ICNDb which is a database for really cool Chuck Norris jokes. I will be making more stuff using as many of the cool APIs on that list as I can. So keep an eye on this repo for upcoming ones.

One of the most impressive things I keep experiencing is how easy it is to get help from my teammates. These guys make the chat room seem like there’s some kind of AI just waiting to answer any queries. It’s remarkable. These blog posts would be full of paragraphs about how frustrated the tasks are making me but thanks to them, I have mostly positives to write about. What a great bunch of people. Can’t wait for week 2 to actually work with them in the same room.

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