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Riding waves under rainbows….. What else can I say about this place. The amazingly beautiful island of Mauritius situated off the coast of East Africa is by far one of the best wave spots on earth for kitesurfing waves. If you are a beginner to riding a surfboard (as I was when I arrived) or a seasoned pro, Mauritius will not disappoint as the conditions around the south east coastal area of Le Morne are like nowhere else.

With 4 different breaks (Little Reef, Manawa, Chameaux and One Eye) all accessible from the same launch area, stunning tropical scenery and many other spots along the southern coast, Mauritius will have you smiling everyday. …

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So you like flat water? Anything more than a ripple on the water and you call it a choppy day? Well if this is you, I suggest you head to Safety Bay (aka. The Pond) in Western Australia. By far one of the flattest water places with epic strong winds brought in every afternoon by the Fremantle Doctor (more on this later). The only thing that will stop you kiting here is you wanting to watch the Pro’s ripping it or you have kited so hard you can’t sheet in anymore.

This little bay in the south west of Australia (~40 minutes south of Perth) is home to many of the worlds kiting pro’s in the Australian summer as it provides consistent winds almost every day from early October through to mid March. …

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By far one of the best kite launch spots in the world with its large, fine sand exposed sandbars that also makes for some of the best flat water spots I have ever kited.

When the summer (December — February) north easterly winds kick in on the east coast of Australia, this region turns into a dream place for kiting. …


Ken Macken

Modern day MacGyver minus the mullet. Startups, kiteboarding, traveling and all out tech lover.

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