After three years of being in Japan, I’m no longer only in love with Japan. I love Japan!

Last night I got scared as I experienced a cold flush and lower abdominal pain on the right side.

I managed to go to local hospital in between my meetings today.

I’ve gotten the best health check of my life, with a doctor of 30+ year experience, all possible checks with ct scan, ultrasound (I’m not pregnant they confirmed) and influenza check for the first time.

I’ve had 6 people working on my case, total professionals, they made sure I understood everything, including by one nurse translating for me…

The statistics they produced, pictures and diagnostics, so great! So clear. So easy to understand. All equipment working, world-class, seems latest technology.

All this by coming un-appointed to the hospital (walk in). I waited for less than 10 minutes. No fancy hospital. Usual Tokyo hospital (Minato-ku).

I paid about 100 dollars.

Once someone experiences that… I think it’s natural to feel the love to this society and it’s institutions.

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