The Law of the Land has caught up with the Law of the Lord
adam nicholas phillips

501c3 logic: government = God
The “law of the land” is always determined by the government and in every era and society government is always completely controlled by the most conniving and ruthless criminals. This is why the government adopting your own opinion is hardly a reason to celebrate; it’s actually a time to reexamine and improve your opinion.
A true man of God is a lover of truth, not lusting for government approval, not indifferent to it, but averse to it.
It shows how brainwashed people are that they would covet the privilege of buying yet another license from the government in order to do something that’s a personal matter between individuals and is in no way any of the business of the criminals who run the government.
Who gets up in the morning and says to themselves: “I need more government in my life. I just have way too much liberty and I want to be more regulated by a bunch of crooked politicians.”
A lot of people got married in Germany back in the 1930s and 1940s and they had a piece of paper from the Nazis’ to prove it and it probably even had a nice picture of Hitler on it.
German newlyweds circa 1940: “Our marriage is so special, especially because we have this license featuring a beautiful photograph of the Führer!”
The political leaders of today have no more moral authority than Adolf Hitler had, maybe even less. Why would you feel the need for an official endorsement from those villains of your personal promise to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?

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