Why Don’t Women Say “Stop That, I Don’t Like It” to Catcallers?
Emma Lindsay

Part of the problem that draws unwanted attention to woman is the media’s relentless marketing of beauty enhancing clothes and makeup, and styling. How many magazines are there that are focused on women’s beauty? Women have been so brainwashed into desiring the “attractive” look that they don’t realize the potential side effects.

Should men resist the unsolicited comments? Yes. Then on the other hand, I’ve heard too many times where women complain of a guy, or guys, ignoring them, after they spent so much time primping themselves up to attract men.

Then there are the segment of women, that in some cases, encourage men to act the way they do. Yes, there are THOSE type of women and plenty of them.

The bottom line is there are too many mixed messages for a guy to handle. The only safe solution for guys these days is for women to be the aggressor, just like the guys in the video, but then, we just might start seeing men complaining of the unwanted attention.

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