I wrote an essay about working overnights.
Peter Nickeas

I worked nights for some time. I can’t say, not being able to run a simultaneous “normal” life, whether all the things that happened during that time were caused by or correlated with working nights… a particularly rough 7p-7a, seven out of fourteen nights, rotating in a two week cycle. The nights off were possibly worse. I stayed up until 3–4a to try and align some time with the family. I heard things. I would say the sensation right before one would scream. It grew from white noise. The refrigerator. Like an auto-setting microphone perpetually turning up the sensitivity. Quiet after 9–10p was mandatory for the family. Maybe some people take to circadian rhythm shifts better than others… need that simul-life again to know. It all culminated with my childhood best friend dying on my 31st birthday. I switched my location and lived in the daytime, shortly after that. Nothing got any better, remembering that time — just farther away.

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