How Angela Eagle got to be MP for Wallasey
Bob Pitt

Too true, the whole sad mess must also be looked at from the perspective of the National Labour Party too, in my opinion Kinnock was obsessed with distancing himself from the left and had no clear tactics to win the general election in 1987, indeed I have always supported the theory that the election was mishandled deliberately in order to trim the left and solidify the hold of the right wing. You have only to look at how the National Party conducted the election to see the evidence of this, Kinnock trying to use the media to get elected for example!! Dolt.

Frank Field was also famously deselected, quite fairly and democratically and this was overturned also by the National Labour Party, in what can only be described as an absolutely disgraceful act of political terrorism. Maybe this chapter needs to resurface too.

The Labour Party Establishment has a lot to answer for, instead of turning around the disaster of Thatcherism, (for the majority of us) Kinnock led the way to a Labour Party that was steeped in the then new, Neoliberal agenda, everything else is history, which can be written any way you like, but the truth is always the truth.

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