NTN.ng is now Classes.ng

Classes.ng announcement
Classes.ng announcement banner

So after some more weeks of introspection, we thought we’d better come up with a new name that will represent and communicate the vision of what we are building in a more effective and straight-to-the-point kind of way.

We acquired the domain name Classes.ng last week and decided to port the platform to this new name.

How does it sound? Please let me know in the comments below. Honest opinions please.

Anyway, from this 4th day of September 2020, NTN.ng is now officially known as Classes.ng. We believe the name will serve everyone better, from our esteemed Centers and Freelance Tutors, to the Students across Africa who visit our platforms to search for Classes, to the curious people who just want to join the next available free Yoruba language class!

By the way, we’d be hosting a free WhatsApp class soon on some popular Nigerian languages like Yoruba and Igbo, so in case your village people have been berating you for not knowing how to speak your native tongue, this is an opportunity to learn oo.. for free and from the Best!

Our official “Classes.ng” profile is (@ntnnigeria). Please follow us on our Twitter (@classes_ng) or IG (@classesng) for updates on when this Class will be posted on Classes.ng.

Our profile looks like this for now, in case you’re confused about which it is:

Classes.ng Preparatory Classes (official profile) on Classes.ng

We remain committed to improving lives by making the best Classes around you easily accessible to you and your loved ones.

Remain blessed.