A Closer Look at Super Bowl Commercials

Ad number one:

Let us start with Budweiser. This company has done well year after year producing heartwarming ads that initially have little to do with their actual product. However, who cares, it got our attention didn't it?

This ad was aired during the Super Bowl and was widely popular because it tells an emotional story. The story shows that a guy raised a Clydesdale horse from when it was born until it was purchased by Budweiser to be a show horse. The horses were going on tour and came to the town it grew up in and met up with his long lost owner again. The music in this ad adds to the emotional aspect of the commercial. The ad’s target audience was really anyone of drinking age. With the ads sentimental tone, it appealed to a very large audience.

From the start of this ad, Budweiser logo was seen on the owner’s hat. That is just a minor detail. They wait until twenty seconds in to show that this is actually indeed an advertisement by showing a large semi-truck with Budweiser written on the side. This truck takes the Clydesdale horse away from its previous owner. The ad does very well at telling a complete story with a beginning, middle and end. Not only do they have a complete story, this ad also has an exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action/resolution. The exposition is the introduction of the horse and the owner in the barn. They immediately show that the horse and the owner have a very close bond. The rising action is when the previous owner sees that the horse he sold to Budweiser is going to be in town for the weekend. Of course, the previous owner goes and sees the parade the horse is in. The climax is when the previous owner sees the horse, leaves and the horse chases after him right before having to get back into the truck to leave as well. The falling action/resolution is when they finally were able to see each other again and the Budweiser logo pops up at the end. The commercial was emotional with a successful conclusion.

Ad number two:

This ad was aired during the 2013 Super Bowl and was widely popular because the story was quite adorable. The mom gets home from grocery shopping and asks the kids to help her unload the groceries when the older brother gives her attitude, until he sees the Doritos. Once the Doritos come into picture, it’s a full on battle for who can get them. The target audience is everyone. The ad has a very humorous tone. The company was identified eight seconds into the commercial and this is the point when it gets suspenseful.

This ad has a well structure of a beginning, middle and an end. Along with that comes a well put together narrative structure. The exposition is when the mom asks for help and you meet the boys and realize one is a little bratty. The rising action is when you see that there is Doritos and the whole mood changes. When this happens, the two boys race to the bag. The climax is when the younger and nicer brother beats his older brother and successfully gets the bag of Doritos. The falling action/resolution is when the mom sees that her younger son won and says “Whoohoo!”

Comparing both ads:

Even though the Doritos ad was half as long as the Budweiser ad, I still believe the Doritos ad had a stronger narrative. Just because one has a stronger narrative, does not mean the ad is better however. Of the two ads talked about, I would say that the Budweiser ad is more effective at catching and keeping viewers’ attention. This is mainly because it was more emotional and people are instantly more drawn to an emotional ad, especially when there are animals. People are more likely to share the Budweiser ad because of the way it makes them feel, not necessarily because they like Budweiser, but that’s okay. That is what a good ad does.