Serena Williams Encourages All of Us to ‘Rise’ in the Beats by Dre Ad

The best kind of advertisements tell a story. From my experience, the video ads you find on social media, like Facebook or Twitter, are the best forms of advertisements. They are typically longer than the normal thirty seconds or one-minute ads. They tell a story and keep your attention through the whole ad. These types of ads have to keep your attention because the way they get more views is through people sharing the ad or talking about it on social media.

An example of an advertisement that tells a story is the Serena Williams “Rise” commercial by Beats by Dre. This is one of my favorite examples of content marketing because it is a motivational ad. The ad has to do with sports, and more specifically, tennis. This ad is a three-minute video on YouTube and it was published September 2 2015. This ad is not part of a series but rather on its own because it tells a complete story within its short time frame.

Serena Williams and Beats by Dre Headphones

This ad tells the story of a famous tennis player: Serena Williams. Her journey as a professional tennis player is filled with adversity, doubts, haters, health obstacles, criticisms, comebacks and victories. This short video shows how you can rise after every difficult adventure you come across in life. This video shows how Serena endlessly pushes past adversity and cynics to continue to win championships. This inspires the rest of us to ‘Rise Up’ time after time, difficulty after difficulty. This story is an inspirational video about a real life professional who has conquered every downfall she has faced.

Beats by Dre Logo

The brand this video represents is Beats by Dre. This is clearly represented by the ending of the video. The end of the video shows a white screen with the Beats by Dre logo (shown below). During the video, Serena wears Beats headphones and listens to Beats by Dre radio while running and ‘rising’. It is clearly paid for and created by Beats by Dre. The ad is presented on the Beats by Dre website and is posted on the Beats by Dre YouTube page.

This video ad is similar to many other ads done by Beats by Dre but at the same time, it represents something new. It is not a part of a larger campaign. For example, a few of Beats by Dre campaigns are called: #TheGameStartsHere, #StraightOutta, Hear What You Want, and Beat x Beat. Each of these campaigns have multiple video ads like the ‘Rise’ ad with Serena Williams but they all work together in a campaign, whereas, the ‘Rise’ video is alone and not a part of a specific campaign but more a part of a recent event that happened with Serena Williams.

This ad is very original because it is inspiring to keep rising above every challenge we face in life. This video shows that we can rise with a little help from music and more specifically from Beats by Dre headphones to help you along your journey. This ad does not come across as an ad, but rather an inspiring story of Serena Williams, who has overcome many challenges throughout her career. This ad makes you want to be a better person and while doing so with the help from Beats by Dre headphones.

Powerbeats 2 Wireless

This ad is very effective because the first thing I did after watching this video was check out the Beats by Dre website to see how much the headphones in this ad cost. Obviously, the ad worked very well. I was inspired to workout with the help from the Beats by Dre headphones. They are now on my Christmas list.

Beats by Dre knew what they were doing when they chose to use Serena Williams in an ad because she is a well-known professional athlete, even to people who do not watch tennis, like myself. This is a widely talked about ad because during the time it was aired, Serena Williams was the topic of many conversations in the professional athlete world. Huffington Post, Billboard, BET, and Mashable are just a few of websites that wrote articles about this video. These articles hold thousands of shares on multiple social media sites. This ad was very effective because they made a video that would be widely talked about which in turn receives millions of views throughout the world.

Huffington Post article
BET article
Mashable article

Other brands can learn from this ad. This ad told an inspiring story about a notorious tennis player who was already filling the media with stories about her strengths and weaknesses. Beats by Dre capitalized on her fame by adding a video to the media. This was a good play on their part because she was already a hot topic and they used that to their advantage. This is a good lesson for other brands or organizations. Use current topics and turn them into an inspiring story. Inspiring stories make everyone happy, no matter who you are or what you are into. Everyone needs some inspiration and this was a good example of that. What kind of video will people want to watch numerous times and share to everyone they know? The answer is a video like this.

Serena Williams
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