My Ice Breaker

“Tree of Passion” by Abstract D’Oyley

Not so long ago I was given my first official critique of my blogging by a close friend. It was as genuine as it can be. “Hope you are not offended”, she started off bluntly and then continued “your first blog … it doesn’t sound like you. It sounds like you are trying to hard.”

Her opinion was honest for sure. If it was not for honesty sake, she would have spared me the sharp stab to my ego with her blunt thrust at me with the truth.

She was right. I was trying too hard. I sensed the feeling after the 4th revision of my first post and the numerous revisions that followed after publication. I do not know who my audience will be. Who was I trying to impress? Myself, my family, my ego?

There doesn't exist a final edition. Aged old stories get retold endlessly. Revisions are natural. The hands of time paints the world with fading colors. Retouch is necessary. All things come to an end … that is the nature of all things.

As I reminisce and reflect on this message, the echoes crescendo. I realized my post, like every deed, needs to have some structure. Every deed needs to be grounded. I came to realized three guiding principles that can help to ground my posts and also my deeds.

Honesty & Integrity

Every deed should be rooted in integrity and geniality. Only then is it truly honest and genuine. What is put forth tends to come back ten-fold.

What I chose to share must be carved in stone so that the waters of uncertainty and deception do not wash away the efforts of my will, rounding out the distinction between truth and persuasive rhetoric.

Therefore this ice breaker was free-written, unscripted and unfiltered … honestly and genuinely. I would like to share what I have come to see in hopes that it provides the reader any amount of ease. That would make me happy. In addition, I do await the tale about the visions that you have seen in your dreams.

Premeditated & Idealistic

A deed should be guided towards a worthy ideal. An ideal is worthy if it is a purposeful reflection of a genuine and honest will. Without having a focused aim and a road map, the destination would never be reached. Having an end goal perpetuates the momentum and the road map provides the definitive direction.

A worthy ideal is never attained but is progressively realized for the sake of cultivating passion. Passion ensures that every step taken is in full stride and helps to validate affirmations.

Therefore I plan on writing and publishing one piece of work every two weeks. A piece of work, to me, is any form of expression that has been edited, polished and considered suitable for publication to the community. By setting this goal, I will reserve certain periods of my waking moments to cultivating this passion.

Affirmation & Passion

The third principle for any deed is that it should be affirmed by an intention and expressed passionately. Nothing is worth doing but wholeheartedly. The heart either beats or does not.

The universe does not gossip, neither does it bare false witness. The universe does not discriminate. Therefore the universe does not distinguish between good or bad; it only knows intentions conceived, and deeds birthed from the womb of the Will.

Therefore I will not concern with statistics. I write for the sake of writing. With integrity, I write genuinely with an intent to share the genuine expressions of this passion. I will refrain from edits after publications. As words spoken cannot be taken back, so words published should be left undone.

Writers are artisans of words and painters of imagery. I would not consider myself professional by any means. Although I have come to realized I appreciate the artistry of words and the craft of imagery; the alchemy of transforming words into valuable expressions.

A price cannot be put on an idea. Ideas are not worn-out by repeated uses. Ageless and self-perpetuating, ideas are a dime a dozen. Yet one idea can spark a revolution of humanity, and an evolution of consciousness.

Ideas birth knowledge. Knowing enhances experience. Experience is the teacher of wisdom.

I did not find this passion … the passion found me. Do not be anxious if you feel you cannot find your passion. I would urge anyone to stop looking if the searching is causing anxiety. It should not be difficult. Passionless deeds are not worth doing.

A wise-old friend once told me “you do not have to find a passion. Just be passionate with everything that you do.”

There is no need to keep looking outwards. Be honest and true to yourself. Set your own course and affirm it passionately. The passion will radiate naturally. The passion will find you.

Thank you for visiting!

Dry Monkey

PS. I hope you see the reflection of me in these words. I stand beside them firmly; like roots of redwood trees held firm amidst gushing winds, or grounded mountains unshaken by the quaking earth beneath its feet.

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