Future UnicornšŸ¦„ #193: CelerData

Kenn So
1 min readSep 21, 2022

Real-time analytical database from the creators of OSS project StarRocks

The Quild Future Unicorn highlights one future of work early-stage startup with statistically significant signals of becoming a unicorn.

CelerData, powered by StarRocks, enables enterprises to quickly and easily grow their business with a real-time analytical engine that is 3X the performance/cost of any other solution on the market. StarRocks is used worldwide by market-leading brands including Airbnb, Lenovo, and Trip.com.

Founders: Andy (COO), James (CEO)


1. Repeat founders

  • James founded AbleCloud, a cloud platform for IoT devices

2. Venture-backed experience

  • Andy led R&D for Umeng when it was acquired by Alibaba, eventually becoming the CEO for the division. He was also the chief product officer for Xforceplus, a fintech unicorn

3. Top company alumni

  • Andy worked at Baidu (3 yrs), Alibaba (2 yrs)
  • James worked at Baidu (4+ yrs), Microsoft (1+ yrs)

4. Top university alumni

  • Andy graduated from Zhejiang University (BS, MS)

5. Fast growth