Technical Podcast Afterthoughts 3

Finding podcasts for 5–10 min length is challenging, since most podcasts go over 30 minutes to 70 minutes long! Here’s the next 2 podcasts. :)

Podcast 1:

When you are learning a new node module, it’s best practice to test in ‘sandbox mode’, which is when you just install the modules you want to use for a blank app, and start playing with it. Two new features that will replace callbacks and Promises, Async and Await, Async is attached to a function and you call it then use await to suspend until the value resolves and then do another await for each operation until each value has returned from await.

Podcast 2:

Summary: Thinking about Logic Paths
Functions take a input and return a output, this is basic logic and instead of putting in multiple inputs you can have ‘one source of truth’ input that ultimately improves readability in your code. Any specific change, make that change from the input to the output as small as possible.

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