Week Two Day Three

Today was another good day at Andela Boot Camp without much going on. Every one was focused on their individual projects and talked only when necessary or when stuck.

I must confess today was not very easy for me. I spent a big part of the day trying to figure out how to output and input data simultaneously at the console and I’m still not there yet. If I do however manage to do this it will be very helpful for my project (which I talked about in detail in my previous blog here) as I will be able to display the timer while still giving the user the ability to input new commands, otherwise, I will have to abandon displaying the timer and focus on allowing the user to input commands. I plan to keep on researching until midnight today after which I will have to move on to the next step if I’m still not successful.

I sincerely hope to accomplish this task and I hope to finish my project before presentations on Friday.