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The stolen idea.

At sometime in September 2013 while travelling from Meru my sister called me to inquire whether I had received some money from her. She was new to Mpesa and she was afraid that she had sent money to the wrong person and indeed she had as she detailed in her blogpost . This was not an uncommon error and Safaricom had put a bridge in place to help people not need to jote down or cram numbers, but the mistake was still happening. Their band aid solution was as painful as the cut.

Being a programmer I immediately came up with my own band aid solution. The pre-launch name was pesacontacts. It would be an android application that would copy the contact to your clipboard so that you could easily paste it in. And it was brilliant and as early as July 2014 I pushed it out for the world to enjoy. I called it GoodPesa

July 8 launch of GoodPesa to the Appstore.

The story takes a slight twist though because in September 2014, a young man from JKUAT copied the idea, the ui,the code and the slogan ‘Mpesa Companion’ and rebranded it to tumapesa. I was shocked and even got a mini heart attack. This was the same person that also had tried to do a version of mledger with his version pesabox. After a long thread of emails, threats and discussions I let it go. I felt that he was also trying to solve a problem as mine and therefor rather than fight him, watch him.

September 16 launch of Tumapesa on the appstore. 3 months after GoodPesa.


It therefore comes as a surprise that now I am being branded as the idiotic copy cat. Infact, GoodPesa is way more advanced than TumaPesa by a mile. While TumaPesa attempts complicates life by asking you to add people into a favourite contacts. GoodPesa simple collects your favourite numbers by order of usefulness, furthermore, Goodpesa helps you catch fake mpesa messages and also helps you say a thank you when you receive money. *Goodpesa is smart*

So who stole from who?

I will note that TumaPesa never stole anything. They simply copied and with that they managed to get more downloads than Goodpesa. While we are lingering at 4,000+ downloads they managed to hit 10,000+. But the battle is not lost for we have the master plan and they have to wait till we release it for them to copy. Should you want quality, get yourself GoodPesa and you will enjoy quality, just like in a macbook or you can just crush with windows.

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