What are some good ways to build a following on Medium?

For Medium, it’s essential you have a decent Twitter following. So before you EVEN start medium, think about the audience you want to connect with. Curate content on your twitter profile with #hashtags related to your field and schedule tweets with a tool like Buffer, Edgar or Hootsuite until you have let’s say over 10k followers. Then start blogging on Medium and share your posts frequently as tweets with links to your articles.

Medium posts should be long-form, from a personal tone, and topics such as lifehacks, real life stories, very vulnerable life lessons, or your opinion on a current event that impacts entrepreneurs, startups, Silicon valley crowd, new trends in marketing and technology, etc…

Once you get the tone of Medium, you’ll see the sorts of posts that people are sharing and enjoy reading. Sometimes they are just clever, or educational or inspirational or even cheeky in a controversial way. It’s a story-tellers channel.

I highly recommend segmenting your audience by creating publications that match a few of the core topics you write about. This enables people to subscribe to a publication. Then there are tools to get your audience more engaged like Rabbut, that is integrated with medium.

You can create an attractive clickable image that takes you to your sign-up form with Rabbut and attach it to your articles. Medium is fundamentally different than a knowledge authority blog and functions more on hype, your Twitter followers # and your ability to write surprisingly, controversial and edgy vulnerable long-form content that’s highly shareable.

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