Crawford’s 36 spoils Quickley’s debut at Kenner League

Kenner League
Aug 4 · 2 min read

The two-seeded Hoya Blue came into the semifinals with one of the best records in the league when they faced a sixth-seeded but budding A. Wash & Associates. This game was highlighted by the Hoya Blue debut of Kentucky guard Immanuel Quickley whose flight landed 90 minutes before his 3:20 contest. In the first half, Hoya Blue ran the floor and got easy scores in transition that progressed to a 13-point lead — led by Quickley’s 17 first-half points. Despite the deficit, A. Wash & Associates did not give in as they went on 16–6 run to cut the Hoya Blue lead to 3 points by halftime. They made some big runs led by guards Bryant Crawford (Wake Forest) and Kory Cooley (Virginia Union) for some strong drives to the basket. Both players had 13 apiece to close out the first half. With a close score at the beginning of the second half, James Akinjo (Georgetown) and Myron Gardner began to take over to increase their lead back to 8 points.

Quickley, impressed throughout this game, showing off his improved shot and ability to find open players in traffic. Many NBA draft experts have Quickley listed as one of the top professional prospects in college.

Bryant Crawford for A. Wash & Associates remained consistent within his play by getting teammates involved and hitting a three-pointer to give his team the lead halfway through the second half. This lead increased to as much as 11 with five minutes remaining in the second half. That lead did not last long as Wayne Langston (Murray State) began to make some scores to cut A. Wash & Associates’ lead down to 2 points. Although the game was down to the wire up until the final seconds, A. Wash & Associates held on to their comeback lead for a final score of 99–95. With this win, A. Wash & Associates advances to the championship game against Clyde’s. Bryant Crawford finished with 36 points, and Immanuel Quickley finished with 26 for Hoya Blue.

Kenner League

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The longest running and competitive summer pro-am in Washington, D.C for collegiate and professional basketball players. #KennerLeague

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