I feel like that analogy is reversed.

I did acknowledge that the free market is an equalizer at the end of that analogy — as well as talent, perseverance, luck and, one I left out, grit. Everyone, including formally trained college graduates, learns a great deal more from real world experience. There’s no better teacher.

But as far as the specific prep training goes the analogy works for me. Relying solely on real world experience takes longer to learn as much, and that’s if and only if you do learn it as thoroughly and deeply. Let’s say both types of football players tryout for the NFL. Which do you believe has a more solid training background at that point?

And yet, if both were to make it, both would learn so much more and in the end come out relatively equal in gained knowledge overall. It’s also conceivable the flag player will make it and the college player won’t because of different talent levels.

An MBA has its benefits, but it’s no panacea and I would never defend it as such. Bill Gates dropped out of college and…

I’m glad you found gratification from your pursuit whatever the route. I respect that.