What’s Happening with Me
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I envision a day not too far removed from the present when corporate meetings will look radically different than they do now.

Employees will still converge on a specified room at the appointed hour to assemble around an elongated table with the meeting leader sitting at the head. But instead of using this allotted face time to verbally discuss the key issues at hand, they will naturally train their attention on their smartphones and commence to frantically texting throughout the short duration of the meeting.

When the time arrives to conclude the brainstorming session, the head of the table will briefly peer up from his/her phone and say, “Thank you everyone for your input. Good meeting.” With not another word uttered beyond that.

Seriously, the world needs Twitter…or any other social media for that matter?

That’s true if and only if, you desire to ultimately erode — and even eradicate — people’s face-to-face socialization skills; condition them to cultivate short attention spans (in your case, 140 characters long); and generally impair their ability to read/comprehend the non-verbal communications that help to understand and empathize with others.

And that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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