What Women Don’t Say

I use to arrive home from work ahead of my wife, and I prepared dinner.

A typical night over dinner was comprised of my wife talking ad nauseum about her work day and the quirky things people did. The ad nauseum part was difficult. I didn’t really want to talk about work at all (mine or hers) because I had already put it away for the day. By the same token, I knew she needed to get this stuff out of her system, because she was passionate and engaged. Finally, we tried an agreement. She was allotted roughly 30 minutes to vent, and I would do nothing but basically listen (This kind of came about after reading John Gray’s Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus bestseller book).

Then, theoretically, we’d move on to discussing other things —world news, local events, friends and associates, weekend plans, anything other than work. She found this difficult because she wanted to talk more about work and herself. Her response to a change in the direction of our discussion was, “This is boring.”

Long story short, we’re no longer together.

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