In Order To Take Down The Deep State, We Must Collaborate Across Ideological Lines
Caitlin Johnstone

The general cacophony of disparate voices competing to stand out and be heard makes it easy for the wealthy and powerful with a common agenda to operate in their own clandestine world, embedded within the general cacophony but connected to each other by tendrils only they and they alone are aware of. It’s probably more like a secret society than a deep state. But this combination of wealth and power and connections yields a mighty formidable force.

Add to this the general public’s short attention span, workaday Joe distractions and frequently close-minded tendencies, and you’ve got a recipe for having a secret society pulling the strings while the masses are bumbling along in a state of discord.

Modern technology has expanded, accelerated and amplified the reach of the secret society’s tendrils. Primarily because they are positioned to leverage it better than anyone else.