This Whole “Are Trans Women Real Women?” Thing is Gross
Emma Lindsay

You ruminate on things far removed from anything I would normally think about. The fact that you can write well (which resembles a stream of consciousness type of writing) makes for an intriguing read, like a window into how you think— though I must admit to wondering why you invest so much time in thinking about some of these things, to the exhaustive degree that you do. My gut instinct tells me you’ve made this one more complicated than necessary.

Why not just let people reveal themselves to you? Actively (artfully) listen and observe without hurriedly seeking to size them up and compartmentalize them? Why pour so much effort into cloistering people as a group or as an individual type, when you can instead, actually get to know them as unique in their own right?

For instance, I don’t for a moment believe every transgender thinks and feels exactly alike, any more than I think every black man thinks exactly alike, or every whatever thinks exactly alike.

What makes a real woman? It’s in the eyes of the beholder, so I’ll ask them what they think.

To me, what makes a real woman is no different than what makes a real man — the answer: a decent human being. From there, they may differ in every other way imaginable.

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