Fairhaven Food for the Fair

If you’re looking for a nice restaurant located close to the lovely downtown sprawl of a quiet little college town, then you’re looking in the wrong direction. Fairhaven dining hall is a very inconvenient place for you. Fairhaven dining hall is a college dining hall on the south campus of Western Washington University.The dining hall is a large concrete building with three rooms for tables to eat and a centre room for buffet style food. The large building is staffed by incompetent waiters who insist that you wait and bus your own table.

The building houses many tables and many chairs for many people. Five round tables line the windows overlooking a brick pathway that each sit about 4–5 people. There are a good number of large rectangular tables that seat 6, all pushed together into large banquet tables. Seats for everyone, but tables for few. The biggest problem with these massive setups, is that only very few crowds are big enough to warrant such massive tables.

The location is well, less than ideal for a meal for the average Joe. Fairhaven dining hall is located in Fairhaven. Fairhaven dining hall is located 2 kilometers away from downtown Bellingham. The parking is almost non-existent for those who don’t have a pass given by the school. The dining hall is really only ideal for students on their way to class at Western Washington University. The only real reason that this dining hall exists is for the people living in Fairhaven dorm. Great for the few living there, but vastly impractical for the average dinner.

The food it’s the worst. The selection varies day to day but all crap. The usual suspects are greasy pizza, burnt burgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs, and a salad/sandwich bar. Every day they attempt to make something edible. This is mostly pork or Pollock based and either overcooked or under seasoned or heaven forbid both. In the middle of the burgers and pizza lies a station that’s purpose changes week from to week. Some weeks it’s tacos with a choose your own topping bar, for breakfast it’s a made to order omelet bar. There is always nothing to eat that won’t leave you running for the bathroom.

All in all the dining hall is a place on campus whose sole purpose is to feed students. The Fairhaven dining hall is a long way away from downtown Bellingham. There is enough room to fit the hungry masses of black hole college students. The food is bland and stale, enough to make one turn back around and head down the hill from whence you came.