Our Seedly beta door sign at 99 Duxton (made with Prisma app)

One week into our Seedly beta!

What a week it has been… It has been really crazy as we launched our beta last week on Monday to our early subscribers! Here is a run through of what the team has been up to behind-the-scenes.


We released Seedly beta on Monday, 8th August and since the launch, we have been featured on e27, got re-tweeted massively, and hit the Top 21 Free-Finance app category. Our user figures have surged greatly and it has been really heartening to see that users have the need to save time and money.

Challenges faced

With the surge in users, our servers had to be improved to support the large increase in users. Therefore, some of our bank links had to undergo maintenance and we apologise if some of you may have had a bad experience on the Seedly app. In addition, we were all hands to support our lovely customers, some with issues that we could help them with.

Seedly Motto: Keep Calm and Keep Smiling :)

Feature requests

Our kind early beta users have been great to give us feedback on what we should be working on for next versions of Seedly. Here are the top three:

  • Passcode lock for the app for additional security
  • Manually delete and create new transactions
  • Manually creating own categories

As always, we listen very closely to how we can serve our users better. However, we are also limited in manpower and resources but we will do our best to serve all of you guys as best as we can :)

We’re hiring!

As seen in the points above, we are currently a little stretched at the moment. As with any other fast-growing startup, we are hiring the best talent to join us to help improve the financial lives of 1,000,000 working adults in South East Asia in the next few years. Therefore, we are looking to hire a full-stack developer to help out with additional workload that we are facing. Do check it out here!

Join our Pokemon-Trainer team today!

In conclusion

In view of learning from our current batch of early open beta users and making a more reliable Seedly app, we will be limiting our current batch of Seedly beta users to the numbers now. We will re-launch the open beta again some time in September!

On behalf of the Seedly team, we would want to thank you guys so much for your generous support!

Kenneth, Seedly team