How To Install OpenDNS on Telus Wi-Fi Modem/Router — T3200M

Kenneth Andres
  1. Enter this in your browser search bar:
  2. Login. (The default username and password can be found on the side of your router.)
  3. Click the ‘Advanced Setup’ icon.
  4. Click ‘I am an Advanced User’.
  5. On the left, go to ‘LAN IP Settings’.
  6. Within the ‘LAN IP Settings’ you will see a line that says: ‘Set the DNS values’.
  7. Change both ‘DNS Server 1' and ‘DNS Server 2' from ‘DNS relay performed by Gateway’ to ‘Statically Assigned’.
  8. For DNS Server 1, enter the following:
  9. For DNS Server 2, enter the following:
  10. Click ‘Apply’.

This step turns off IPv6 in your router. This is very important because I have never really been able to get OpenDNS to work in my network with IPv6 enabled.

  1. Click ‘IPv6 LAN Settings’ on the left.
  2. Search for ‘ULA Support: and click Disable’.

Since you are now going to use OpenDNS as your DNS provider, you will want to disable DynamicDNS on your router.

  1. Click ‘DynamicDNS’ on the left.
  2. Disable DynamicDNS.

  1. Go to OpenDNS on your browser.
  2. Create an account or enter your login information.
  3. Add a Network. (Use the IP address that you see on the top part of the webpage.)
  4. Do a test to know if you have made a successful OpenDNS configuration by going to this website:
  5. If successful, install OpenDNS Dynamic IP updater client on your computer (preferably on a computer that stays connected within the network). This software will automatically inform OpenDNS whenever your router changes its IP address. Download the OpenDNS Dynamic IP updater client from here:

Important Notes:

  1. OpenDNS parental controls (such as website blocking) will NOT work on computers using a VPN service.
  2. OpenDNS will NOT work if IPv6 is enabled on your router.
  3. DO NOT install OpenDNS Dynamic IP updater client on a computer with a VPN service. This is because the VPN service will give out the wrong IP address information to OpenDNS.
  4. In my experience, OpenDNS website blocking works quite well as long as you do all the steps described above. They key is for OpenDNS to always be informed of any changes to your network’s IP address (which is done by installing OpenDNS Dynamic IP updater client).
Kenneth Andres

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I have a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Alberta. I am also a Junior Architectural Technologist.

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