Why Do Men Put So Little Effort Into Serious Dating?
Emma Lindsay

Well, the father of your children is supposed to be your mate, which is the same thing as a partner in crime; there’s a reason why after about five years, married people start to look like each other. Two people with professional careers with different agendas probably isn’t going to work. For an ideal situation, you don’t do the dishes while he washes the car. First you wash the car together, then you do the dishes together. And you don’t have a child, you start a family, the jeweler precise love machine that don’t work for nobody but you and your mate and your minimum three children, since the love machine has to be properly crewed. How broad is your talent pool? Any blue collar tradesman qualifies as being better educated than the “professional” class I meet these days, so don’t overlook them; in fact, as an engineer, I’m guessing you already appreciate a skilled tradesman, a welder or crane operator down on the docks may be just the guy you’re looking for and socially they are usually better connected in the community, in which you have to put roots down if you’re going to found a family. Remember, this will be somebody who is a constant presence, your co-pilot on the airplane of the future. Once the airplane is up, nobody can leave. Maybe instead of San Francisco, where such straight men as there are put little personal investment into the community, you could look more around the Russian River area or Eureka, where you can meet men whose families have lived there for generations.

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