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In my opinion the LBJ taunt that triggered the suspension of Green in game 4 derailed the Dubs repeat but then set the table for KD’s arrival. Lost in the noise is that the Dubs management have turned a terrible franchise into a top destination for free agents who are willing to come even leaving money on the table. Note that the Cavs are much farther into the salary cap tax than GS, and should equally deserve the label of superteam too. And by the way the Cavs are a small market team so the conversation about small market teams finding an uneven playing field and demanding significant (i.e. punitive) changes to the CBA … I find it odd. What about investigating why teams— including the nation’s largest cities like NY — are run and managed so poorly, where spending has no correlation to winning, fester poor or loosing cultures year after year, can’t attract desirable free agents, but don’t do much at all to change things year after year. Why would a new CBA fix those issues? How is KD’s free agency decision to go to a better team (who by the way is under the cap) an example of an NBA small vs big market problem? Why can’t the headlines just be about watching and learning how teams can “turn it around quickly” and do it right — great management, coaching, culture, and players of course — mixed with a little bit of luck of course. And as we all know things on paper may look great but we haven’t played a single game yet. But I do look forward to next season!

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