Human beings are imperfect creatures but some of us just choose to thrive in imperfect ideals & actions. Everywhere we look in society are hypocrites. In our darkest moments we know what we are. Whether we try to convey an image to other people or just convince ourselves, hypocrisy is everywhere. I’ve seen hypocrisy & called it out to the point of being blackballed & realized its a never-ending cycle. I’m not here to tell you what to do so get it how you live but don’t ever think hypocrisy escapes you. Please don’t kid yourself.

“You brag about your belief in God

Yet you & everything you embody is a fraud

Do you deem yourself an expert

Your too ignorant & close minded to realize that your bigoted words hurt

I bet if God met you he might you he’d call you a fucking jerk

If Jesus heard you speak he’d say you know nothing of him or his father’s work

Everything you do is a contradiction

Your words fall on deaf ears at the benediction

You’re either evil of incredibly sick

The more you talk the more people realize your heart is empty & your head is thick

Are you a lobbyist for the moral police or a safe space politician?

But what happens when you run out of shots & the next person has all the ammunition?

Some of you make your fame off of disingenuous acclaim

In your most private of moments not even you respect your name

You out here playing with peoples’ lives just to gain power

You conquered life but when death comes to take you, how powerless will you be in your final hour.”