Stupid is as Stupid Does

This was either the third or fourth piece I wrote. I don’t really remember but one night while I was furiously writing my mom & I got into an argument over some dumb shit & this title came to mind. It’s meant to be light-hearted & it hits me the same way my little sisters jokes hit me when I realize I’m way too serious at times. Hopefully this helps to lighten up your mood as well because in life sometimes we trip over the smallest jokes to fall into the biggest shit shows. Keep it light & make your game tight.

“Stupid people and their stupid ways

Do the dumbest shit & cry for days

Ask for your advice & then cuss you out

While they linger in stupidity without a doubt

I’m guilty as charged because I’ve been holding back

I’m living under this cloud of self-doubt & this shit is wack

I got a lot of tools & I’m not afraid to break the rules

Mama wanna be a grandma but these chicks trade booty for dick & put no value in the family jewels

I like my sweet tea laced with grape sprite

To hell with diabetes cuz I like going on food runs at night

Sister said I’m so fat I ate the chip on my shoulder, hence why I’m down for a fight

The cause should never make you pause if you’re living right

I’m either a spiritual sociopath or a sporadic rap genius

Can’t live your life scared cuz no one likes a flacid penis

I’m vulgar in nature so gird your loins

I shit you not, I don’t sell out for coins"